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Wish you had just a little more financial savy?


When you are starting a business, you have to be selective on where you invest your funds. Unless you are extremely well funded hiring a CFO, even on a part-time basis, may still be out of reach.  A CFO Coach can provide you with a sounding board when you are sorting through strategic issues that arise.  Wondering if your pricing model is correct? Are you setting up the right KPIs (Key Performance Metrics)? Have to decide whether you to buy or lease?  Or just wish you had someone to talk to?  A CFO Coach may be the perfect fit for you and your business.  


Here are 6 reasons why entrepreneurs should consider a CFO Coach.


1.  Improved profitability. Your CFO Coach will ask thought provoking questions that will help you work smarter, not harder.


2. Increased revenues.  With a seasoned expertise by your side you'll take calculated risks that can pay off.


3. Wealth protection.  Your CFO Coach will encourage consideration of short term and long-term risk factors.  


4. Increased productivity.  Accountability is key to getting things done.  Timely conversations will keep you focused and motivated to execute quickly.


5. More personal happiness. This peer-to-peer relationship will mean you have a trusted confident and take fewer work-related stresses home. 



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