Benefits of cloud-based bookkeeping

When you choose online bookkeeping for your startup, you are making a great business choice. For a small monthly cost, you virtually have your accounting records with you wherever you go. You needn't worry about hard-drive crashes, expensive servers, or costly upgrades, and you can rest assured your data is safer in the cloud then it is in your house. With a simple login and password you are able to manage and see your books from anywhere. And many online service are going mobile, so your numbers are literally at your fingertips.

One more major advantage of having everything online is that it is all automatically backed up for you on the cloud. Therefore, if your computer or server crashes, you can simply log on from anywhere and still access your data without a hitch. Pair your bookkeeping with cloud-based file storage and you can virtually run your business in a paperless way.

And finally, when you need accounting advise or to file your taxes, your Accountant can simply login (also from anywhere) without the nuisance of transferring data. It's cost effective, does not require a tech team to set up, and can grow with your business seemlessly.


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