Holiday reading for SaaS

Before you know it the holidays will be here! Holidays are a chance to spend time with family and take a break from work. But some of us that happen to be ambitious (<cough> workaholic) entrepreneurs also use some of the free time to catch up on reading to generate fresh ideas in anticipation new year ahead.

In case you happen to be like us, we've curated some holiday reading for SaaS entrepreneurs. Here is a straightforward article showcasing how to market your SaaS business which offers a simplistic reminder of the benefits of content marketing. We also love the spirit of this blog and how it emphasizes the differences in SaaS marketing and how the best way to market your business is with a great product or service, end of story. At numbercrunch we love data driven business decisions and like this blog goes deeper with 5 KPIs for SaaS. And if want to immerse yourself a little more, here's a good article on how to calculate LTV and CAC.

Wondering what's ahead for 2017? Here are the tech trends for small business in 2017.

Wishing you the best for an exciting year ahead.

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