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Here's what a few of our clients have to say:

Steve Adams,
Solution includes:  VCFO, VController & Bookkeeping

"We had relied on a part-time bookkeeper but we outgrew her services.  

What we like about numbercrunch is that they provided bookkeeping with a more senior involvement from Craig (vController) and Susan (vCFO). We like that we get an entire team with one vendor. They were able to work with the ConceptShare admin team ensuring that all our accounting needs were dealt with and that took a lot of worry off us.  

Hiring numbercrunch coincided with moving to Quickbooks Online (QBO). Everything is now streamlined and with the cleaning up of account structure we have access to on-demand reports and weekly updates. This has made a big difference to our company. 

Numbercrunch is made up of a good group of people who are knowledgeable and friendly."

Farhad Khan

Founder and CEO

Solution includes:  Streamlined Bookkeeping

"We had experienced numerous challenges working with a previous bookkeeper as nothing was automated which meant that we spent valuable time scanning and sending PDF's for processing.  The process was highly inefficicnet and meant increased hourly charges. We were paying out far too much each month and still lagging three to four mounths . Kknowing we had a business loan and needed to have the books up to date was added stress.

We desperately needed to become more efficient and work on reducing the monthly costs.

Craig came on board and automated using Quckbooks. Now we are always up to date and no longer panic come year end. It has made a huge difference in how efficient we are and has drastically reduced our monthly costs. 

There is peace of mind knowing Craig and his team are always available."

Joshua Vautour
Board Member and former CEO
Solution included:  Interim virtual CFO

"We knew we had a lack of expertise in our organization and we did not feel in control with the situation we had at the time. Our Finance Director at the time was obviously overwhelmed.  I knew we needed an outside opinion to help get us back on track and organized.

In searching for a CFO on LinkedIn I came across Susan's profile and noticed that we had some overlap with past employers. This enabled me to reach out to trusted contacts for references. And all of Susan's references were great. 

Susan had a good understanding of the problems and easily transitioned herself into our business as vCFO. She worked on phasing out the finance director and soon after proposed that we find a permanent CFO.  Susan helped us secure the perfect candidate.

Susan is the consumate professional.  She is exepreienced and knows how to put a plan in place to improve business. 

Neil Moloney, President
Serge Paquette, Vice President
Solution includes:  Start up Bookkeeping

"As a start up in need of of boookeeper, we reached out to Susan at numbercrunch based on her reputation and experience.  She introduced us to Craig and he and their team seamlessly took over the bookkeeping processes and immediately helped ease our administrative burden. We no longer need to handle month end filings, or issue cheques and it has eased the burden of maintaining regulatory compliance.  

We know we can rely on our bookkeeper for quick and efficient turn arounds. Numbercunch is a great part of the Risk Balance team."