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Catch-Up Bookkeeping For Your Business

Startups and small businesses are challenging and despite your best intentions you may have fallen behind on your bookkeeping. What’s worse is that you might find yourself losing sleep as you realize you are late filing your reports to CRA. 

The good news is that our team has the expertise and excitement to complete catch-up bookkeeping projects. Our comprehensive approach will take you from shoe boxes to CRA compliant in a few short weeks. 


CRA Compliance

We will follow-up with CRA directly on your behalf to get clarity on your current status.



We will work with your banking and credit card transactions to ensure all transactions are captured.


Vendor Bills & Payments

We will track all your expenses by vendor so that you capture intelligent spending trends.


Customer Sales & Receipts

We will track all revenues by customer so that you can better understand sales trends.

Capturing data for analytical reports


Ready to see how we can help you scale with our catch-up bookkeeping service?

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