our background

numbercrunch  was founded by Susan Richards and Craig Hung. With over 20 years experience managing finance teams, Susan and Craig head up a team of CFOs, Controllers and Bookkeepers to effectively serve ambitious startups and growing SMEs.  


 It's been famously said that a successful startup needs three things:  a hipster, a hacker and a hustler.  But we believe to achieve a sustainable business you need a numbercruncher too.


We've got you.




An experienced CFO, Susan Richards, FCPA, FCMA is a strategic management accountant with a background helping CEOs navigate growth, decline and everything in between. Susan's an entrepreneur at heart, with a knack for translating accounting jargon into language that CEOs can understand. 


Craig is a seasoned Controller with a strong aptitude for pulling numbers out of fragmented systems and presenting them in ways that are simplified and meaningful, so you can see for yourself how your business is really doing.  Craig helps CEOs see the truth behind the numbers.

The Team 

These are the players that make it all happen. We employ a diverse team of passionate financial enthusiasts who work collaboratively, performing as an extension of your organization.  

It's crunch time.



We're on a Journey

We believe in the power of diversity. 


Numbercrunch is proud to offer a workplace where no matter what race, religion, color, gender, disability, age, and other protected statuses are welcomed. We are focused on equality.


We believe that the diversity of thought and lived experiences of our colleagues makes us stronger as a company. We believe this diversity enables us to better serve our clients and our community. 


We strive to create workplaces that reflect the communities we serve and to ensure our diverse team feels included and free to bring their whole self to work.

Kanata Office

Suite 500 - 320 March Road Kanata ON 


T: 613-702-8019


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