set up and training


Once your software is chosen, we can get your general ledger set up appropriately for your business.  Good financial reporting stems from ensuring you track your business transactions in a meaningful way.   We're happy to do it all for you, but if you prefer to do your own bookkeeping, we'll give you some tips and training so you can be on your way.



accounting software selection

By now you likely realize we recommend cloud accounting software, but there is more than one to choose from. Popular cloud accounting software Xero claims to be adding 300 new users each and every day and their slogan "beautiful accounting software" makes them popular with entrepreneurs.  Alternative options like Freshbooks, Kashoo, Wave, and the Quickbooks Online are also keen to gain marketshare.  Here is a great summary of the options, but we'll gladly help you choose.


periodic financial reviews

Now that you are tracking your business activity don't stop there.  At least quarterly you should be analyzing your data so that you can measure your progress and celebrate your milestones. We'll lead you through a full financial review and help you stay on track. Setting achievable targets, establishing budgets and measuring performance will accesserate your success!

startup loans

Cash is king.  When it comes to starting a business it often takes twice as long as expected to get to cashflow positive.  Securing startup loans up front is often a wise consideration and we can help by providing the financial modeling your lender will want to see.


* We offer 90 days of free bookkeeping services for startups (in their first 6 months of business).  For businesses with less than 25 transactions per month, the free service can be extended for up to 12 months.

Free bookkeeping for your Startup!* 


You've got a great idea and you are ready to get down to business.  Keep in mind that our bookkeeping services focus on cloud-based software, and efficient recording of financial transactions.  We provide customized pricing packages, and offer unbeatable payment flexibility.  We really want you to succeed and we're willing to bank on it.


We offer up to one year of FREE bookkeeping services to Startups.*