The Ontario Small Business Support Grant is now open for applications. The Provincewide Shutdown blindsided many Ottawa business owners given the region’s COVID-19 numbers were considered relatively low at the time and it was felt the city had good control measures in place. This grant was introduced to help offset the revenue loss resulting from this measure.

Here is a quick cheat sheet to help you decide if you are eligible:

  • Your business has had to temporarily close or significantly restrict services due to the Provincewide Shutdown

  • You have less than 100 employees

  • Your April 2020 revenue is at least 20% lower than your April 2019 revenue

  • Your business was in operation on December 24, 2020

The listing of eligible businesses includes restaurants, retail required to close for in-person shopping, fitness centres, hair salons, veterinary services and a plethora of other businesses that rely on in-person business. Businesses that were already required to close prior to Stage 2 measures on October 10th are not eligible.

If you were not open on April 2019 there will be an alternate revenue calculation available to help you determine eligibility. Seasonal businesses may also be subject to a different revenue eligibility calculation.

The Government website states that the Grant is between $10,000 and $20,000 but they have not clarified the math. Their wording suggests it may be equal to the revenue drop with a maximum cap of $20,000. Like all things during this pandemic, we will know more as time passes – stay tuned!

Click here to access the application and application guide

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