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Angel Investments 101: When Should You Raise Angel Investments?

We’ve compiled some tips and considerations to help first time Tech Founders prepare and understand the right time to seek angel investments.   Definition: For the purpose of this article An Angel Investor is a high-net-worth individual who provides financial backing for small start-ups typically in exchange for equity in the company. In other words […]
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Techopia Live: How Startups Can Attract Angel Investments featuring Susan Richards

Our Managing Partner was a featured expert guest on the latest episode of Techopia Live: How Startups Can Attract Angel Investments. This episode is hosted by Peter Kovessy from the Ottawa Business Journal and also features Nolan Beanlands, Executive Director at the Capital Angel Network. This in-depth discussion provides a recap of investment trends in […]
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SaaS Metrics 101: Understanding Basic SaaS Metrics

In this ninth issue of Inspired Design Decisions, Andy Clarke will explain how studying the work of Max Huber, one of the less well known but most distinguished Swiss designers — will teach you how to turn mundane subjects into exciting visual communication.
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3 Tips to Measure Your Customer Acquisition Costs

Do you know how much it costs to acquire a customer?  In my experience this is one key metric that a lot of business owners have overlooked.  As the SaaS business model gained in popularity so did the attention on this key metric.  Like many metrics, “CAC” becomes more meaningful when used in comparison and […]
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3 Tips for Startups Preparing to Raise Funds

We have interviewed our Co-Founder Susan Richards, FCPA, FCMA on tips that she would give to startup founders that are looking to raise money. What are 3 tips you would give to a startup preparing for funding? When it comes to fundraising it really comes down to an exercise in confidence.  I have repeatedly seen […]
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Is your SaaS company taxed out south of the border?

Have you launched a SaaS business and are wondering if you are properly accounting for sales tax and income tax? As a Virtual CFO in Ottawa, Canada I am encountering more and more SaaS businesses that are winging it when it comes to doing business outside of Ontario. For those that think these areas are […]
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